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Welcome to Saint Francis GI Endoscopy, LLC.

We are a state-of-the art outpatient facility and joint venture between Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center and Central Connecticut GI Endoscopy providing gastrointestinal procedures by eleven board certified gastroenterologists and two colorectal surgeons.

Choose your Procedure

An Upper Endoscopy involves placing a small-lighted instrument into the esophagus, stomach and duodenum after you have been sedated. If you have a scheduled procedure, please fill out our screening form, or learn more about the procedure.

A colonoscopy is a procedure utilizing a colonoscope inserted through the rectum, into the large intestine (colon) which allows the doctor to carefully examine the lining of the colon. Click below to learn more, or fill out our procedure screening form.

Procedure Screening Form

This form must be completed before you start your prep for your procedure. A Nurse will call you after completed.

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Deanna Damen, Owner of Cake Gypsy, talks about her experience getting a colonoscopy joined by her doctor, Carol Petruff.

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In the case of bad weather the facility will remain open unless the governor shuts the state down or the facility does not have power.

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